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Lea is a certified Psychic Medium in Northern Colorado. She has been able to sense energy since she was a small child. At age 14, her psychic abilities were fully turned on, with a regular occurrence of precognitive dreams, synchronicities, visions, and sensing spirit. After a few nudges from her spirit team, in 2020 she finally decided to learn and develop her gift. And with the help of her team she connects people with their loved ones. 


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Lea provides a number of different services. Look below to see what fits best for right now.

Oracle Card Reading

Send three questions that you would like guidance on and Lea will perform an Oracle reading to your questions and send you the results. 

This reading is done via email

$30 - Email Session

Psychic Reading

Sometimes we need assistance navigating life. Connecting with your guides/spiritual team can be of huge assistance. Your guides want the best for you, and will tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear. They are able to see from a higher perspective and understand the bigger picture.

Your guides will give you details that you need to make informed decisions, whether it relates to relationship, career, or life in general.

Free will is a huge factor on this planet, so no one, not even your guides can tell you what to do. They can show you what the possibilities are if you continue down the current path or if you alter your path, but they can’t make decisions for you.

This reading is via Zoom

$50 - 25 Minute Session

Psychic & Mediumship Reading

Our loved ones enjoy reminding us that they are still around, whether it be sending the scent of your grandmother’s favorite perfume, or the pesky Cardinal that won’t stop knocking on your window. They are always nearby.

In the Mediumship reading, Lea will connect with your loved ones and bring through any messages they may have for you.

This reading is via Zoom

$75 - 30 Minute Session

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